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“I have always felt that photography, as an Art, possesses the secret strength to transform the way we see the world. To turn, just by millimeters, the seemingly still image into a travelling breeze. To change the colors…Then, Time, this eternal traveler, does not fit into small bottles. There is only a vast, unexplored Universe”.

Valia Gentsou

Valia Gentsou was born in Athens and grew up in Agrinion.


She studied literature at Athens University School of Philosophy. She earned a graduate degree in classical studies with a major in Ancient Greek literature. She also studied classical music (piano and theory) at Athens National Conservatory. She worked as professor of literature in secondary education, both public and private. Since 2010, she has been working in editing.


In 2017, she attended seminars on Artistic/Creative photography, given by Platon Rivellis, photographer and photography theoretician. Since then, she has been a member of the “Photography Circle” ( and an active participant in their activities. She also participated in group exhibitions:

  • “Dreams” - 2018

  • “Man and his Image” - 2019

  • “Delphi beyond the antiquities” - 2019

  • “The Smile” - 2020


Her photography work was presented in the Hellenic American Union (2018). Also, on line, as part of presentations, organized by “Photocircle” (2020, 2021).


Two collections of her poems have been published by “Themelio” publishing company:

  • “At the end, the road was opening up” (2017)

  • “Reversed fairy tales” (2020)

* όλα τα  εισαγωγικά κείμενα είναι ποιητικά αποσπάσματα σε διασκευή, από ποιητικές συλλογές της Βάλιας Γκέντσου

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